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The Redemption Wall

I’m proud to receive this award. Based on a true story, The Redemption Wall is available here.

“Life is not always a matter of holding good cards, but sometimes just playing a poor hand well.” Jack London

The Redemption Wall is a story I waited over forty years to write; though I started it many times, I was never able to really get going on it due to my hectic work schedule. Then in 2016, I injured my right knee badly, and it laid me up for a while; unable to live the active life I was used to, but being of the temperament that I couldn’t just sit around and twiddle my thumbs, so I took a seat in front of my computer, and the story flowed out from my fingertips, and in about sixty days I put down 136,000 words.

While composing this story, I got bit by the writer’s bug, and I haven’t stopped writing since…..

About The Redemption Wall

An epic action novel of adventure and personal discovery through the eyes of a young man fleeing from a rich and powerful family. Luke Canfield is born into a ranching dynasty but is subjected to horrible abuse by his fanatically religious father.

The redemption wall is the place where Luke’s father inflicts corporal punishment on him almost daily, and Luke endures it for years until the only person left to defend and protect him, his grandmother, suddenly dies. Finding the courage to escape his persecution, he is offered a way out but must travel alone, quickly maturing as he gains experience along the way, across the U.S. from Oregon to Florida, in an attempt to meet up with a family offering him protection on a sailing vessel in the Caribbean, but he must arrive before the family sails away.

His odyssey is a tale of fear, hunger, abuse, adventure, and courage through the eyes of a quickly maturing young man. Set in 1967, in a world experiencing drugs, free love, and racial tension, and in a time when the words child abuse weren’t spoken out loud.