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The Darién Gap

Steve Rawlings has spent over twenty years recovering kidnap victims from Colombia and Central America and has always brought them home alive. Now his employers are sending him into The Darién Gap, Panama’s impassible jungle swamp, to find an American nuclear scientist held captive by Marxist rebels. Unlike any previous recovery, this time, Steve is instructed that if he can’t escape safely with the scientist, he is to eliminate him before he can be ransomed to America’s enemies.

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One reader writes:

From A. Tremellwyn, in New York, she writes, “Wow, impressive! You have a very readable, flowing kind of prose. I could not put the story down at all until I was at the end — and, that is a compliment. Vivid, but simple, language and a storyline that just grabs you by the “little grey cells” and does not let go. So, I am at the end and it is three minutes shy of 4 am and I don’t really care that I pissed away an hour and a half of sleep. Thanks for the story. You’ll never find me down in the jungle there, I can tell you. First of all, humidity and I do not get along. Secondly, I am every bug’s and leech’s favorite meal on two legs. Not enough insect repellant in the world to keep me from being eaten alive. Thirdly, I have no intention of being a walking armory, as you were — though I can understand why you were. Bless you, for the people you have rescued. I am certain there are any number of people who are profoundly grateful.”

Panama Jungle

Tropical rainforest

Cloud forest near Boquete, Panama

Panama Jungle7

Panama Jungle8

This excerpt is taken from ‘The Caldera Abduction’ available in Kindle and paperback here.

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Tropical foerst

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