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The Redeemers Vow-testimonials

From A. Tremellwyn, in New York, she writes, “Wow, impressive! You have a very readable, flowing kind of prose. I could not put the story down at all until I was at the end — and, that is a compliment. Vivid, but simple, language and a storyline that just grabs you by the “little grey cells” and does not let go. So, I am at the end and it is three minutes shy of 4 am and I don’t really care that I pissed away an hour and a half of sleep. Thanks for the story. You’ll never find me down in the jungle there, I can tell you. First of all, humidity and I do not get along. Secondly, I am every bug’s and leech’s favorite meal on two legs. Not enough insect repellant in the world to keep me from being eaten alive. Thirdly, I have no intention of being a walking armory, as you were — though I can understand why you were. Bless you, for the people you have rescued. I am certain there are any number of people who are profoundly grateful.”


I found Marcus Miller by accident and have quickly found him to be one of my absolute favorites to read. I highly recommend the Redeemers Vow but I would start with his first book. The books are real and bring to light the depravity of certain people in this world. I am also grateful for the people who selflessly help those who can’t help themselves. I picked up The Redeemers Vow and read it almost straight through, I couldn’t put it down.

First of all my husband and I where lucky enough to get to know this amazing man last year . After talking to him I immediately downloaded all his Books . Being on vacation we where reading non stop . What a amazing journey this man had . As soon us we found out that he finished another book I downloaded it . Like all his other books we could not put it down . Now this one is a continuation of the previous ones I advice people to start with the first one . One big advise , this is not a Coffee Table Book . If you have a weak stomach it is not for you . This is real Life . If you only take a little from it BE AWARE OF YOUR SURROUDING there are many bad people out there . I don’t want to go into details about the book and spoil it for anyone . Our favorite author so far . Thank you , please keep writing

The Forgotten Man Testimonials

                            I’m Hooked!
Awesome read!
Mark R.
                          The Forgotten Man is not forgetable.

Marcus Miller writes a very good book. Along the lines of a Lee Child’s novel, the main character is a drifter with mad killing skills and a strong sense of compassion. Miller’s first book in this series takes you into the world of a modern day cowboy, along with all the technical terminology you might never have considered that is found line of work. His attention to weapons detail is extraordinary the ways they are used to go eradicate evil are next level. I am a big fan of the underdog overcoming the odds stacked against him. If you like that kind of storyline, then The Forgotten Man is a must read.

5.0 out of 5 stars Jack Reacher style action

By Connie Voigt on January 21, 2018

Great job. Marcus can really tell a story. Did not want to put it down.
Can’t wait to read the next Steve Rawlings book. Wishing my husband could read faster so I could start.

5.0 out of 5 stars Suspense

By Tracy Francois on October 13, 2017

Loved this book, had to keep reading until the end because I so wanted to know how it played out. Great read, Great story, can’t wait for a movie to be made. Would be brilliant Now to order another book by the author.

 5 stars Great reading

By Wendy on November 14, 2017

Easy read, great story, looking forward to more adventures of Steve Rawlings

5.0 out of 5 stars Action packed adventure in debut novel!

By Tallgrass on September 30, 2017

A good first novel in the action and adventure genre. The main character is not fully fleshed out thereby leading you to query the nature of this forgotten man. His confidence, skills, and manliness remind me of an earlier Jack Reacher. Easy enjoyable read with firearms expertise and a smattering of gruesome violence. Ready for book two.

5.0 out of 5 stars Very good read!

By N. Anderson on January 5, 2018

The first work from this author that I had read. Since I have read all but one of his works. I could not help but to stay glued to the pages while waiting for the exciting details to come in the story. I highly recommend both of the authors series. The Forgotten Man/Ghost Operator and The Redemption Wall/Slave Tracks.

Another Marcus Miller Thriller!

By Ann on January 20, 2018

Here we meet Steve Rawlings, a drifter who has a very interesting past. He discovers a plot to destroy America’s security and, as only a Marcus Miller character can, sets about to take care of this grave danger. Another book I could not put down. Honestly, Marcus’ books have cost me a lot of sleep!

By Ann… Binging on Marcus

The last time I binged on an author was Charles Dickens, and that was about 40 years ago, Marcus. You are in good company, I reckon. I had to make myself stop reading The Forgotten Man last night so that I would not finish it before The Ghost Operator came today.
You’ve turned me into a Marcus Miller junkie, and I will be needing my next fix!


Slave Tracks Testimonials

5 stars A good read

By Joseph P on November 12, 2017

I enjoyed the familiar streets that I visited on vacation. The story moved smoothly and kept my interest. It also has me researching a few things about the Bermuda Triangle and has me questioning what I thought I knew about modern slavery. I enjoyed it!

…..and when I finished it I felt bereft of my good friends from this action-packed story

By Ann January 16, 2018

In “Slave Tracks”, we meet up again with our beloved Luke from “The Redemption Wall” and follow his never-ending adventures through South Florida, the Caribbean and South America. This book kept me up late at night, as I could not put it down, and when I finished it I felt bereft of my good friends from this action-packed story. I certainly hope Luke’s adventures will continue in the third book!

Fly Fishing In Rocky Mountains, Alberta, Canada

Young man wading in lake fly fishing with beautiful mountains in the background.

The Redemption Wall Testimonials

5.0 out of 5 stars Marcus Miller writes with an easy cadence that keeps you drawn to the story and …

By Carol Schlaker on December 17, 2017

READERS, you will never forget this story of heroism and survival by young Luke Caulfield as he flees from the brutality from his preacher father.Young Luke traveled from Oregon to Florida in the atmosphere of the late 60’s. Marcus Miller writes with an easy cadence that keeps you drawn to the story and defines the temerity of this young lad. One of the best books from my 2017 reads .. anxious for more from Miller.

5.0 out of 5 stars An important book for everyone who loves stories to read

By Ann on January 6, 2018

This action-packed book will make you laugh and cry, it will make you happy and break your heart, but you will not be able to put it down! Be sure to have the follow-up, Slave Tracks on hand before you finish reading the Redemption Wall, as you will not be able to wait to dig into Marcus’s next book!

5.0 out of 5 stars It did not feel like I was reading a story but rather being told …

By nkedBookDragon on December 2, 2017

This book practically fell into my lap. I wasn’t looking for it. I wasn’t trying to find it. It found me. It did not feel like I was reading a story but rather being told a story in person. From the very beginning, I was pulled into the life of the main character. He was extremely relatable and my heart went out to him. It was interesting to see how the characters evolved as the story progressed.

This book was captivating and very well written. It was so raw. So pure. It was so real at times that I was overcome with emotion. There were moments that I wanted to reach inside and hug the main character. Not many books cause those emotions in me.

I am rating this book Five Stars because it was devastatingly beautiful in a way that changes the reader forever. I look forward to reading future books by this author. He is definitely one to watch.

5.0 out of 5 stars Awesome book!

By Nerdgirlbookreview on December 9, 2017

I read The Redemption Wall rather quickly. For a few reasons.

First – I was amazed to discover that it takes place really close to where I call “home” – though I guess after nearly 20 years, Florida is home now. The Redemption Wall takes place in Oregon, in so many places I’ve personally been. And as the protagonist progresses, and finds himself fleeing, he ends up going through my old hometown in Northern California. A lot of times in my quest for a new book, I’ll read something if it’s local to me. As a reader, it’s cool to read something that takes place somewhere you are familiar with and I was familiar with so many places in The Redemption Wall.

Second… I like reading about people. On websites, the little “about us” is the first tab I go to. This book feels like you are reading about the characters within, as real people… if that makes sense. The best kind of the first-person story is the type that tells you of someone’s life. Not as they are now, and how they are progressing through their journey, but of them looking back. This is that book.

What a great coming of age adventure! I truly feel for the protagonist, Luke, and multiple times just thought- come to my house, you’ll be safe here. Young Luke goes through more in his youth life than most adults; his adversity is close to home because it is home. This is a book that is…. real. Unprocessed, no makeup, no frills or sugar coating. You feel genuinely sad, or angry, for the protagonist. You cheer him on and feel dread for him.

Great book! I’d recommend to everyone!

5.0 out of 5 stars Absolutely fell in love with this story!

By Shannon Cates on November 15, 2017

An exceptional story of a young man’s journey across the United States. While emotional and heartbreaking at times, this story captivated my heart. Skillfully written, I felt as if I was listening to him tell me his story while sitting around a campfire. The characters were amazingly real to me, some of them truly captured my soul. This very young man, after losing the ones who have protected him for so long, is forced to leave his abusive parents. He sets off to travel across the country on foot to meet up with what I view as his second family. His journey is a long one to go, though along the way he finds himself and while on the road he is forced to become a man. This book is filled with emotion, action, and love. I can’t wait to read the sequel to this book to find out where Luke’s next adventure takes him. I definitely recommend this book, I wish I could give it ten stars.