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The Caldera Abduction

Women and children are mysteriously disappearing from National Parks across the U.S., and Steve Rawlings, the resourceful kidnap resolution specialist, is sent to investigate and uncover the harsh truth. He soon exposes a worldwide human trafficking organization controlled by the largest criminal organization in the world, the Chinese triads, that has been operating unopposed, and with latent government assistance, for over sixty years.

While working in Yellowstone National Park, one of his friends disappears, and Steve has to track the flow of tortured souls across the country and south into Mexico, and Central America, into the lawless jungles of Panama, searching for his friend and taking down the cruel consortium, piece by piece. And Steve is resolved that the blood of the innocent will be answered with the blood of the cruel!

This riveting story delves into the brutality and depravity of one of the world’s longest-lasting atrocities to stain modern society, the on-going, human slave, and sex trade. Though not talked about often, it exists in every country in the world.

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