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Slave Tracks (The Redemption Wall series-Book 2)

“The cure for anything is salt water, sweat, tears, or the sea…” Isak Dineson

Slave tracks is the sequel to The Redemption Wall

Drug smuggling, gun running, modern-day pirates and human traffickers, in 1970 the Caribbean had it all, a fast-paced action thriller, written by someone who was there and saw it all! Sailing into the Bahamas, expecting a tropical paradise, a young adventurer comes face to face with the hard reality of a cruel world, when he is confronted with modern-day slave traders and bloodthirsty pirates preying on native islanders and unsuspecting yachtsmen in the Bermuda Triangle.

After rescuing a group of young islanders, Luke Canfield incurs the wrath of a South American warlord who hunts him for years across the Caribbean Basin leaving a trail of bodies, while abducting women that are sold into servitude to rich housewives in Miami, and Saudi Arabian pedophiles. Inducted into the infancy of a burgeoning drug-smuggling trade between South America and the U.S. that would eventually feed the growing demand for marijuana and cocaine, Luke eventually joins forces with a secret military force, funded by the U.S. Government, that seeks to put an end to the rampant piracy and kidnappings that threatens to disrupt the billion-dollar tourist industry throughout the Caribbean.

In 1970, while the world’s attention was focused on Southeast Asia, another war was being fought closer to home, in the crystal-clear waters from Miami to Cartagena, by evil men, practicing an ancient occupation, and only sheer determination and bloodletting will stop it! This action-packed adventure reads like a travel guide, crisscrossing through the islands long before there were all-inclusive resorts lining the beaches throughout the Caribbean.

Slave tracks are the scars left on the backs of men and women after being violently whipped.

Hotel Oloffson Port au Prince2

Hotel Oloffson, Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Hotel Oloffson Port au Prince4

Hotel Oloffson, Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Hotel Oloffson Port au Prince5

Hotel Oloffson, Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Hotel Oloffson Port au Prince3

Hotel Oloffson, Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Iron Market1

Iron Market, Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Iron Market6

Iron Market, Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Iron Market3

Iron Market, Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Iron Market2

Iron Market, Port-au-Prince, Haiti


Citi Soleil, slum in Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Port-au-Prince, Ha•ti. CitŽ Soleil, bidonville. 22/11/2003

Citi Soleil, slum in Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Hotel Plaza1

The Plaza Hotel, Havana Cuba

Hotel Plaza2

Hotel Plaza3

The Plaza Hotel, Havana Cuba

Havana Harbor1

Morro Castle, Havana, Cuba

Malecon havana

The Malecón, an 8 km esplanade along the seawall, Havana Harbor

Malecon havana2

Andros Island2

Andros Island4

Andros Island3

The beach, South Andros Island

Andros Island1

Flashback 1970

The Author… February 1970..A morning spearfishing for dinner on the reefs offshore of my home at Kemp’s Bay, South Andros Island, Bahamas




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