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About the Writer


Like the main characters in my books, I also ran away from home in 1967 and was thrust into the underbelly of society where age matters not, and the only respect you receive is bought with strength and toughness. And like Luke Canfield and Steve Rawlings, I also survived against long odds and am now able to tell my stories and those of the characters I met along the way. My travels took me across the U.S. and through Central and South America and the Caribbean. I have worn many hats in my life, some of them being a private military contractor, kidnap resolution specialist, firearms instructor, self-defense and edged weapons instructor, cowboy, sailor, scuba diving instructor, hunting guide, horse trainer, and adventurer.

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Because I never completed high school or attended college, my personal education was derived from working and living on the streets, back alleys, fetid jungles, and dank ports in third-world countries. I spent twenty-two years working in South and Central America and the Caribbean Basin as a kidnap resolution specialist, primarily rescuing kidnap victims from terrorist gangs.

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As you can tell, I have not experienced what might be considered a normal life, and as I traveled the world, I absorbed my experiences and those of people I met on my journeys, and now I’m able to wrap these experiences into stories I hope will be enjoyed by my readers. I’ve always been a storyteller, and many people over the years have encouraged me to write them down, but until I was laid up in 2016 with a knee injury, I never took the time. When I started writing, the words came easily, telling my stories as if I was in a room of eager listeners. I haven’t ceased writing since, and I never want to stop…..

Since April of 2018, I have been traveling the country in an RV, spending time in Wyoming, Montana, Oregon, Texas, Florida, Mississippi, and Maine. The experiences help me develop characters for my novels yet allow me time to do my second favorite pastime for me besides writing, and that is fly fishing.


Currently, the author of eleven published novels and numerous award-winning short stories, I am in the process of adapting several of my books and stories into screenplays. I invite you to experience a bit of adventure yourself. Grab a good book and take a journey with me… you’ll not regret it!