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“It is always our own self that we find at the end of a journey.

The sooner we face that self, the better.”

-Ella Maillart, -Adventurer and Traveler


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Old Havana with ancient  buildings and El Morro castle

In 1967 I ran away from home at the age of eleven, to escape an abusive father. My journey from Oregon to Florida on freight trains, buses, and boot leather took 162 days. Needless to say, I ran into trouble along the way, part of which was I was kidnapped in Kansas and sold onto a labor farm along with fifteen other children. I managed to get away, and at the same time free the other children as well.

I took what little money I had and bought tickets for all of them on Greyhound buses and sent them home to their families. With only a couple of dollars in change rattling around in my pocket, I walked the rest of the way to Florida, feeding myself out of trash bins and dumpsters while fighting off rats, roaches, and other hungry men. 

Some might say this was a devastating ordeal for a young man, but it proved to be a life-changing experience, as I would later spend almost three decades rescuing kidnap victims from third-world countries. My story is told in The Redemption Wall trilogy, available HERE, on Amazon.

redemption wall trilogy3

UPDATE: 11/19/2023- There won’t be any holidays for me this season as my nose is to the grindstone working on book #12. No promises at this point for completion as the storyline has taken off on a life of its own. It will publish in 2024, but when exactly I can’t say. It seems that Steve Rawlings and his team are deeply intent on righting a wrong that was put in play decades ago. We can only hope they aren’t too late.

Migration border Juarez Chihuahua Mexico - El Paso, Texas, United States.

UPDATE: 06/15/2023- With the summer fast approaching, I’m way behind on book #12, as the screenplays and seemingly endless rewrites are stealing my attention. My voracious readers are reminding me daily that I would normally be publishing another novel for a summer read, but not this year, I’m afraid. Just know this, that when the next installment of The Forgotten Man series comes out, it will be a gripper! Stiletto has his hands full of deadly action from Cuba, to Venezuela, to Iran. It will be worth the wait.

central american people1

UPDATE: 04/8/2023- Currently working on suggested rewrites for screenplays of The Forgotten Man and Crossroads Texas, and proceeding well on book #12, the sixth novel in The Forgotten Man series. 

Migration border Juarez Chihuahua Mexico - El Paso, Texas, United States.

UPDATE 03/12/2023: Although I spent years working south of this border, nothing can prepare oneself for seeing the current border crisis firsthand. Work on book #12 continues….



UPDATE: 02/09/2023

Currently working on the 6th book in The Forgotten Man series. Expecting it to publish July/August 2023. Also making good progress on adapting some of my books and short stories into screenplays. Screenplays that are completed are , The Forgotten Man, The Darian Gap, Crossroads Texas, The Dream RV, and The Hoover.

UPDATE: 01/11/2023

Just announced, The Redemption Wall, is a Quarterfinalist, in  ScreenCraft Cinematic Book Competition 2023

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A Horse Called Nightmare

Redeemer of Stolen Lives

The Hoover

The Bench in the Glades

The Dream RV

Parker Lane

Behind the Mask

The Darién Gap

Welcome to East Mims

The All-Inclusive

I’m proud to receive this award. Based on a true story, The Redemption Wall is available here.

UPDATE: 08/19/2022- I am thrilled to announce the release of my 11th book titled,  Not a Victim—Lessons in Survival. This illustrated treatise is my first foray into the non-fiction self-help genre. I have included lifesaving tips and methods of survival for adults and children alike. I hope you will read it and share the information with family and friends.

Click here for Kindle edition

Click here for the Hardcover or Paperback edition

Book #11 is closing in on completion. Look for it soon on Amazon.


Here is what readers are saying about Predators’ Highway. Don’t miss out—get your copy today!
Recommended and haunting
June 16, 2022
The plot is chillingly possible, action-packed, and timely. The story is not for the faint of heart and deals with child trafficking, terrorism, sadistic and depraved individuals, and the warriors that stop them using whatever means necessary.
A book written by someone who knows what he is writing about.
June 11, 2022
Every book by Marcus Miller to include Predators’ Highway is a real page turner. The book is so realistic and makes me realize how vulnerable we are in this country. Read the book and pay attention to your surroundings and loved ones. I can’t wait for the next one.
Even better than I had hoped!
June 11, 2022
I love the Steve Rawlings (Stiletto) books and this one is one of my favorites. If you are looking for an action packed very well written series, this is one to read.
Chilling reality
May 22, 2022
Our world is nowhere near the safe, benign place we believe it to be. Stilleto keeps reaping the bad guys with the aid of like-minded heroes. Incredibly evil plots are thwarted again and again. Another great read in the series.

I wrote this article in February 2018 and since then nothing has changed.  When will America’s schools start protecting the children?

Gun control at school

Predators’ Highway, coming soon…
 Purposely Distracted by the crisis as a historical flood of migrants threatens the U.S. border, intelligence agencies fail to uncover a scheme years in the making. Mexican cartels have joined forces with America’s enemies in a double-edged plot to kidnap thousands of schoolchildren and addict millions by introducing the deadly drug fentanyl into the nation’s food system. The ultimate goal to make America a satellite country controlled by China and the cartels.
Steve Rawlings and his team, against impossible odds, are assigned the most dangerous mission of his career. As time runs out and casualties mount, All of Steve’s lethal talents will be required to save a nation.

Predators’ Highway is almost finished. Just six months after publishing my 9th book, Crossroads Texas, my 10th novel is close to completion. The Forgotten Man Series continues as Steve Rawlings takes on the powerful Mexican cartels to stop a nefarious plot to addict the unsuspecting American public with fentanyl, kidnap thousands of children, and swarm the border with migrants intent on child trafficking. It is non-stop action out of today’s headlines. Look for updates; Predators’ Highway will publish soon.  

I am pleased to announce that I have been invited by the
National Association of Adult Survivors of Child Abuse
as a special guest on the “Stop Child Abuse Now” talk show this Friday, April 20, 2022, to talk about my life, the abuse I suffered as a child, and how it propelled me to spend over twenty years rescuing kidnap and human trafficking victims, and the novels I now write about human trafficking.
The show will commence LIVE at 8pm EST (which is 7pm CEN, 6pm MTN, and 5pm PAC) and will last 90 minutes.
If you missed the show and would like to hear me talk and answer questions for 90 minutes it was recorded and you can access it at any time. Go to: .. then, in the section about the show, click on: – – current schedule – – Scroll to the date-04/22/2022 / guest-Marcus Miller, click on the link in the first column. The show will play !!
If you would like to listen to the show, click on this link
National Association of Adult Survivors of Child Abuse

“I stood over him as life bled out, his eyes pleading for just a little more time. It’s what we all want when the end comes, more timebut his evil essence negated that time, that and me, for when I encounter evil, I turn off the clock and painfully take time awayforever.” -Steve Rawlings

 Predators’ Highway, book #5 in The Forgotten Man series, coming soon. Read the series HERE now.

“After all is said and done, dead is dead; and only the living are left to mourn.”

Coming soon, Predators’ Highway, a Steve Rawlings adventure.


I stand with the Ukrainian  people.



Over twenty episodes published so far!
Here’s your chance to follow along as I write book #10, Predators’ Highway.
Click here to follow the story.


In advance of my upcoming tenth novel, Predators’ Highway, I’m running a promotion to attract new readers. For five days beginning Saturday, February 19, 2022, you have the opportunity to download three of my novels on your eBook reader for FREE. After reading, I’d be thrilled if you leave an honest review on Amazon. Please share this offer with friends and family members. Click on the links below to get your FREE book(s).
Crossroads Texas 
Behind the Mask
The Forgotten Man   


STEVE RAWLINGS IS BACK! Predators Highway, book #5 of The Forgotten Man series is well underway. I’m offering my voracious readers a chance to follow along as the story develops. A few episodes will be published each week on Kindle Vella. Click here:    to follow, Predators Highway as I write it.

Be sure and  FOLLOW the story so you’ll be notified when new episodes post.


One step at a time, we try and save our children from their biggest threat.
Crossroads Texas
Children are disappearing, victims of human trafficking, and one man, possessing unique skills is their only chance. Can one man make a difference?
Order now in Hard Cover-Paperback-Kindle

UPDATE: 06 NOV 2021- I’m pleased to announce that all nine of my books will now be available on Amazon and Goodreads in Hardcover editions. Just in time for the holiday season, they will make great Christmas gifts.

Crossroads Texas – AVAILABLE NOW! In Hard COVER-Paperback-Kindle
I’m proud to announce my 9th novel went LIVE on Amazon this morning. I hope you enjoy it.

ORDER HERE: Crossroads Texas

The first draft of my 9th novel, Crossroads Texas has been completed and the manuscript is in editing. The 90,000 word thriller will end up at about 430 pages and will be published in hardcover, paperback, and Kindle.
The story is about the human trafficking of children. It is a gripping, fast paced tale of evil in a small town that will keep the reader turning pages to the spellbinding ending. The publishing date is uncertain, but early November 2021 is what I’m shooting for now.

This poster is displayed on the door of the women’s restroom in the Austin, Texas airport. Sent to me last night, I’m encouraged to see that awareness is trying to be stimulated in the public mind.

Human trafficking is a much bigger problem than people imagine and doesn’t get discussed enough, partly because no one wants to think it can ever affect themselves or their families. Awareness is the most important weapon to protect you from predators.

Stay aware!

UPDATE- 04/13/21

I’m firmly ensconced in penning book #9, a dark thriller to be named Crossroads Texas, that has been in the works for over three years. It is about a small, forgotten town in Texas with its many secrets. Every citizen has a grim part to play in this ominous tale. Although it is a few months from completion, I guarantee that after you read this story, you will sleep with the lights on at night. Until then, enjoy all of my other exciting novels available here:



Rod Serling on writing

If it weren’t for all the characters interacting in a writers head it might be a lonely existence for us. Unfortunately, many writers make poor husbands, partners, fathers, and friends because they shut out the world around them to develop the manuscripts that are the essence of our being. I believe writers share this with trait with many other artists. My partner always hates it when I get deep into a manuscript, and she is always delighted when I put The End on a story and can rejoin her in the present world. 

UPDATE: 1/2/2021- Between 1970 and 1985 I made eleven incursions into Cuba. What I found were wonderful people living under the thumb of a brutal government that specialized in suppressing freedom. You can read some of my adventures in The Redeemers Vow, available here on Amazon books and Kindle. 

The Havana skyline and the iconic Malecon seawall with a stormy ocean

view of a old classic car in the malecon of havana

Explore all my stories here

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UPDATE: 11/13/2020- Now available on Amazon.

Behind the Mask-Published

UPDATE: 10/3/2020 – I’ve completed book #8 titled, Behind the Mask-An Anthology of Short Stories.

I decided to lead off the 70,000-word novel with my latest short story after it was read to rave reviews over 50,000 times in less than a month. It joins nine other short stories that are a mix of magical, mystical, and macabre fantasies with a little action/adventure that should please everyone.

There is no release date as of yet, but I’ll keep you posted.

Book #9 is well underway, a dark story about a small Texas town where everyone has some secrets to hide, and most of them are deadly. I’m shooting for a mid-summer 2021 completion.

Behind the Mask14

“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed….”

–Ernest Hemingway


Here’s how it all started…

The Redemption Wall Trilogy

redemption wall trilogy3

and, here’s how it continues….

The Forgotten Man Series



There’s enough action and adventure here to keep you going all summer. Available on Amazon in Kindle and paperback.

UPDATE: 13 June 2020

The Redeemers Vow is published…

The Morro Castle in Havana with a stormy ocean

Recruited into a private military group under the sanction of the U.S. State Department and trained as a kidnap resolution specialist by the most elite military and intelligence experts in the world, Luke Canfield is taught to operate solo, a lone-wolf without any backup or support, making every mission a deadly challenge. His job; bring kidnapped victims home alive and kill all the bad guys.

Thrust into the most significant covert black operation ever conceived in the Western Hemisphere; his role is expanded from hunting human traffickers to fighting communist insurgents and making the private armies of cruel third world dictators disappear. When a close friend is murdered, Luke vows to make the killers atone, a pledge that may prove to be his last.

While the American public’s attention is focused on Vietnam and Southeast Asia, another deadly war was taking place closer to home.


The Redeemers Vow

The Morro Castle in Havana with a stormy ocean

5/21/2020: UPDATE

I am thrilled to announce that I have written ‘The End’ on the last page of the first draft of, The Redeemers Vow.
This manuscript which will be book #7 is the longest I have written to date, at 516 pages and 138,503 words.
It will be the last part of The Redemption Wall trilogy, and a fitting end for the Luke Canfield saga.
If you enjoyed the first two parts, The Redemption Wall and Slave Tracks, you will without a doubt love this story.
I think I can safely say that after the proofing and editing period, I will have it ready to publish alongside my other novels on Amazon sometime in late July, possibly sooner.
I carry the heartfelt hope you will enjoy the story. Stay tuned.



Below is a quick link to all my books on Amazon.

All are available in KINDLE and paperback format.

The Redemption Wall

Slave Tracks

The Forgotten Man

The Ghost Operator

Call Sign Stiletto

The Caldera Abduction

The Redeemers Vow

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Short Stories

Parker Lane- A short Story

A Horse Called Nightmare- A short story

The Hoover- A short story

RV Greenhorn- Another short story

The Dream RV- A short story

The All-Inclusive- A short story

Welcome To East Mims- A short story

The Darién Gap- A long-short story

The Bench in the Glades- A short story

Behind the Mask

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UPDATE: 03/15/2020

El Morro fortress in Havana during a tropical storm

Redeemer: Someone who is a liberator, rescuer or deliverer
I have been making significant inroads on book #7, which will be the third and final book in The Redemption Wall series, and I’m now nearing 65000 words, which I believe at this juncture is a little over halfway through the story. Yes, it is going to be a long read, but there is a lot to tell.
The title of the new book I can reveal to you is The Redeemers Vow, and it follows the story of Luke Canfield through the 1970s, into the 80s, and early 90’s as he travels to South America, Cuba, Central America, and Haiti. His training and work as a kidnap resolution specialist will extend to quelling communist insurgencies and eliminating the private armies of ruthless dictators.
It is a thrill ride from page one.
I hope to be publishing The Redeemers Vow in July, or August so if you haven’t already read The Redemption Wall and Slave Tracks, the first two novels in the series its time to do it now. Links to all my books and short stories can be found above.
The Redemption Wall series follows the life of a young man seeking adventure who runs away from home at a very young age and is drawn into a private war being fought in Latin America and the Caribbean Basin. Living life on the edge, Luke Canfield goes up against drug cartels, communist insurgents, and brutal dictators who financed their violent criminal and political ambitions in part through human trafficking. A secret war that few people outside of the intelligence community were aware of was in play.
building in old havana


Texas Hill Country

UPDATE 02/29/2020:

I’m on the move again after a brief stop in Central Texas near the old homestead to take care of business and do some maintenance to the truck and camper. Its always good to get back into the Texas Hill Country for a visit.

Ranch gate with pasture and trees in the Texas Hill Country

Heading back to Florida to finish book #7. I’ve made great strides on the story and have over 55,000 words down which normally would be almost halfway done, but I sense this manuscript is going to run longer. I’ve got a lot of story to write to finish The Redemption Wall series. This trip I’ll be taking the long way around to Florida, going north to Arkansas, then down through Louisiana, Mississippi, and Georgia…no rush. Looking to get in some trout fishing in Arkansas, if all pans out.




UPDATE: 12/3/2019

I’m back in Texas again, on the Gulf Coast at Mustang Island State Park near Corpus Christi, with plans to be here for at least a couple of months as I try and get some writing done on book #7, the third and last (I think) book in The Redemption Wall series. I seem to write well when I’m near the coast due in part I believe in having a substantial amount of saltwater in my veins from years on and in the water. If you haven’t already joined me on Facebook, do so by clicking on the link here and LIKING the page to keep updated on this book’s progress as well as any new short stories I may add to this site.


Soon I will reveal the title of the new novel, but for now, I’ll hold onto it until I get a little farther along in the story. I appreciate all the testimonials and short story reviews you post on Amazon and FB so keep them coming. Every writer likes to know their story has meant something to the reader.



Stop Camp Myakka State Park

UPDATE: October 30, 2019

We have been traveling and camping the length and breadth of Florida now since April and have enjoyed it immensely. After finishing and publishing book #6, The Caldera Abduction to rave reviews in June, I’ve started on the third book in The Redemption Wall series which I hope to publish early 2020. We head back to Texas in a couple of weeks for the winter, and hopefully, I’ll get plenty of writing done. Stat tuned for more updates.

east mims6

UPDATE: August 1, 2019

My short story ‘The Hoover’ was selected as the Story of the Month in the contest. If you haven’t read it, go here.

Award medals set

Yellowstone National Park, USA - May 17, 2016: Mammoth hot springs pools with hiking trails and Albright visitor center

UPDATE: June 16, 2019,

My best book release to date! The Steve Rawlings fans have spoken, and I’ll share a couple of reviews with you…
SGG gave it 5 Stars and said, Could not put it down..
Like all the books from Marcus Miller, it is fast reading. You have to finish, no matter what time it is.
And, Lumber-Jack gave it 5 Stars and said, Another win for Marcus Miller
In this installment of The Forgotten Man series Stiletto stands out as a giant among men. But not in a way that is entirely unapproachable. I think we all have a bit of Steve Rawlings inside us, and I want to believe that if ever faced with an abhorrent injustice of the scale described in this book, I would have the strength and courage to respond with such irrepressible force. Given the journey we’ve already been on with Stiletto, it shouldn’t be surprising that Marcus once again reaches into his proverbial bag of tricks to surprise us with new tactics, new weapons, and new intriguing characters which both capture the imagination and rivet the reader to page. Grab a glass of whiskey, a comfortable chair, and get ready for a crazy ride in The Caldera Abduction!

UPDATE: June 7, 2019, I am pleased to announce the long-awaited release of my latest novel, The Caldera Abduction. This story tracks a worldwide human trafficking network from the western U.S. into Mexico and Central America, and on to Asia. A compelling tale of the horrors of commercial human exploitation that is active today in every nation in the world.

Now available on Amazon here:  The Caldera Abduction

Asian woman feels hopeless and loneliness Beautiful woman is tra

My sixth novel, The Caldera Abduction is finished. I wrote THE END on it four days ago, a whopping 118, 299 words and it is now in editing review. 
This story that tracks a worldwide human-trafficking organization is a riveting tale that will keep my voracious readers on the edge of their seats, through sleepless nights, rapidly turning pages to the explosive ending. 
Stay tuned for its release.


Sunset at the Beach

04/22/2019 UPDATE: Hello from Florida! We are presently in Ft. Pickens, Florida on one of the Gulf Islands, part of the National Gulf Island Seashore. We expect to be here for the next four months as I finish writing book #6 “The Caldera Abduction” and get it published. These islands are a great place to get my head into the story, a thriller about a worldwide human trafficking ring, so I’m confident I’ll have the manuscript completed soon. Meanwhile, I’ve penned a short story that steps outside my normal genre of action/adventure into the dark and macabre. Just a little something different for you, my voracious readers. Let me know how you like it, the feedback has been great thus far. You can find it on the menu (upper right-hand corner) or by clicking here….. Parker Lane

Beautiful beach and dunes at sunset

 12/28/2018 UPDATE: Hello to my voracious readers from New Zealand! I’ve been back in NZ about two weeks now working on book #6, the fourth book in The Forgotten Man series that will be titled ‘The Caldera Abduction’. And since a writer needs a little downtime to plot out the storyline I’ll admit I’m getting in a bit of fly fishing as well…..

Fly Fishing

My expectation is to have the new manuscript completed Feb/2019 and editing completed by April, and published April/May. I had hoped to get it published before the new year but it just didn’t happen. What can I say? The good thing is it is shaping up to be a longer story, possibly longer than ‘Call Sign Stiletto’ so it should make for a very nice read. Expect the usual, if not more action as the dauntless kidnap resolution specialist, Steve Rawlings goes after a international human trafficking ring.

New Zealand

Landscape of Glenorchy New Zealand NZ NZL



11/8/18  We are now on the Oregon coast camping alongside the Umpqua River in Winchester Bay.


Getting in some fishing and crabbing while we are here, but the memories of this place go back fifty years. My father owned a number of fishing boats that fished on this coast and I spent part of my summers running up and down these docks in bare feet and cutoff blue jeans. So it has been kind of surreal to come back here fifty years later.


Not much has changed here other than a lot more RV campgrounds than I remember. Stores and shops have changed names and owners but it is still a little fishing port that tries to make a living from a six-month season.




I’m still in Yellowstone National Park working on book four of the Forgotten Man series. I’ll leave here the middle of October heading for Oregon and some steelhead fishing. I hope to have this book ready to publish in November. Thanks for reading all my novels and I appreciate all your emails…..keep them coming!

Spey 2

Be sure and click on the right-hand corner for more about my books….

Osprey catching fish. Flying osprey with fish. Action scene with osprey in the nature water habitat. Osprey with fish in fly. Bird of prey with fish in the talon. Bird osprey hunting in the water.

Moraine Lake Sunrise Colorful Landscape

Taken at the peak of color during the morning sunrise at Moraine Lake in Banff National park.


An author bleeds his story as he/she composes it, never knowing for sure if the words will have a meaning, or will be felt by the reader. For any author, a great review is an ultimate remuneration for the time and energy spent cleaving the story from his soul…..

The Redeemers Vow -Testimonials

From A. Tremellwyn, in New York, she writes, “Wow, impressive! You have a very readable, flowing kind of prose. I could not put the story down at all until I was at the end — and, that is a compliment. Vivid, but simple, language and a storyline that just grabs you by the “little grey cells” and does not let go. So, I am at the end and it is three minutes shy of 4 am and I don’t really care that I pissed away an hour and a half of sleep. Thanks for the story. You’ll never find me down in the jungle there, I can tell you. First of all, humidity and I do not get along. Secondly, I am every bug’s and leech’s favorite meal on two legs. Not enough insect repellant in the world to keep me from being eaten alive. Thirdly, I have no intention of being a walking armory, as you were — though I can understand why you were. Bless you, for the people you have rescued. I am certain there are any number of people who are profoundly grateful.”


Loved this book and all his others

Reviewed in the United States on July 12, 2020

I found Marcus Miller by accident and have quickly found him to be one of my absolute favorites to read. I highly recommend the Redeemers Vow but I would start with his first book. The books are real and bring to light the depravity of certain people in this world. I am also grateful for the people who selflessly help those who can’t help themselves. I picked up The Redeemers Vow and read it almost straight through, I couldn’t put it down.

Rick writes:

I absolutely love this story. It is so real, the feeling is unreal.

Sue Mundell

July 7 at 6:41 PM

There should be a disclaimer reminding readers to breathe! Found myself forgetting!


Loved this book and all his others

Reviewed in the United States on July 12, 2020

I found Marcus Miller by accident and have quickly found him to be one of my absolute favorites to read. I highly recommend the Redeemers Vow but I would start with his first book. The books are real and bring to light the depravity of certain people in this world. I am also grateful for the people who selflessly help those who can’t help themselves. I picked up The Redeemers Vow and read it almost straight through, I couldn’t put it down.


Very impressive writer

Reviewed in the United States on June 22, 2020

First of all, my Husband and I were lucky enough to get to know this amazing writer last year. After meeting him I immediately downloaded all his books. Being on vacation we were reading nonstop. What an amazing journey this man had. As soon as we found out that he finished another book I downloaded it. Like all his other books we could not put it down. Now this one is a continuation of the Redemption Wall series I advise people to start with the first one. One big advice, this is not a coffee table book. If you have a weak stomach it is not for you. This is real life. If you only take a little from it BE AWARE OF YOUR SURROUDING there are many bad people out there. I don’t want to go into details about the book and spoil it for anyone. This is our favorite author. Thank you, Marcus, please keep writing.

The Forgotten Man -Testimonials

5.0 out of 5 stars Jack Reacher style action

By Connie Voigt on January 21, 2018

Great job. Marcus can really tell a story. Did not want to put it down.

Can’t wait to read the next Steve Rawlings book. Wishing my husband could read faster so I could start.

5.0 out of 5 stars Suspense

By Tracy Francois on October 13, 2017

Loved this book, had to keep reading until the end because I so wanted to know how it played out. Great read, Great story, can’t wait for a movie to be made. Would be brilliant Now to order another book by the author.

 5 stars Great reading

By Wendy on November 14, 2017

Easy read, great story, looking forward to more adventures of Steve Rawlings

5.0 out of 5 stars Action packed adventure in debut novel!

By Tallgrass on September 30, 2017

A good first novel in the action and adventure genre. The main character is not fully fleshed out thereby leading you to query the nature of this forgotten man. His confidence, skills, and manliness remind me of an earlier Jack Reacher. Easy enjoyable read with firearms expertise and a smattering of gruesome violence. Ready for book two.

5.0 out of 5 stars Very good read!

By N. Anderson on January 5, 2018

The first work from this author that I had read. Since I have read all but one of his works. I could not help but to stay glued to the pages while waiting for the exciting details to come in the story. I highly recommend both of the authors series. The Forgotten Man/Ghost Operator and The Redemption Wall/Slave Tracks.

Another Marcus Miller Thriller!

By Ann on January 20, 2018

Here we meet Steve Rawlings, a drifter who has a very interesting past. He discovers a plot to destroy America’s security and, as only a Marcus Miller character can, sets about to take care of this grave danger. Another book I could not put down. Honestly, Marcus’ books have cost me a lot of sleep!

4.0 out of 5 stars Good action story

By Dixiegirl on December 1, 2017

Picked up this book because I really liked the description. I tend to read mysteries and thrillers. The book lived up to the description. It is a really good story and was an easy read. The author is obviously very knowledgeable about his subject, particularly weapons. There are a lot of guns in here and a lot of graphic violence. This is not a book for the squeamish (I got a bit squeamish and had to step away). The language and violence are extreme so be warned.

The story is about Steve Rawlins and initially he’s a drifter and a bit of a mystery but eventually, it becomes clear he is far more than just a drifter. This dude is seriously skilled. I’m not going to give any spoilers but Steve sort of steps into someone else’s problem and feels he has to help.

I’ll just give you my pros and cons. I was caught up from the first few chapters and couldn’t put it down (except to fix meals and take potty breaks). I finished it in an afternoon.

Miller is a good storyteller. The action is steady but he used backstory for a couple of characters to slow it down. It doesn’t lessen the tension too much but they did run long at times.

One of the reasons I prefer reading male authors is because there is usually very little fluff. They just tell the story. They don’t get bogged down in the emotional drama and if there is a love story, it is usually relatively simple. There is a bit of love in this, in that Tom and Paula clearly care for one another but I did feel they weren’t as clearly defined as they could have been. Paula cooks a lot. Tom talks a lot but mostly about history. Still, they were likable people. They just weren’t quite real.

Miller mentions in his intro that any grammatical errors are his fault but there aren’t very many. I think he writes well. I am reading the Kindle version and errors seem to jump out at me more on that.

However, there is one major flaw – his use of exclamation points. {Note from author: I took my readers advice and re-edited the book. I always appreciate good criticism!} They are everywhere. My journalism prof in college only allowed one and that was grudgingly allowed. Miller’s writing doesn’t need the emphasis. This is an exciting story and the words convey very well the stress, tension, and excitement. When Steve looks at something and states “It was a good setup.” It doesn’t need him shouting and jumping up and down. Which is what the exclamation point conveys. Take them all out.

The only other issue I had is probably just a personal preference. There is a prologue, although, I don’t think it is labeled as such, that’s what it is. It basically told me what was going on before the story dealt with it. This detracted from the story for me because I didn’t have to figure it out. It didn’t give me all the details but told me enough that I knew what was happening. As the story unfolded I kept wishing I had not read that opening. I prefer to discover the story. So, I’d suggest not doing that.

I’m giving it 4 stars because of the exclamation points issue and the prologue. I really liked the story but those two things just bugged me.

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The Redemption Wall -Testimonials

5.0 out of 5 stars Marcus Miller writes with an easy cadence that keeps you drawn to the story and …

By Carol Schlaker on December 17, 2017

READERS, you will never forget this story of heroism and survival by young Luke Caulfield as he flees from the brutality from his preacher father.Young Luke traveled from Oregon to Florida in the atmosphere of the late 60’s. Marcus Miller writes with an easy cadence that keeps you drawn to the story and defines the temerity of this young lad. One of the best books from my 2017 reads .. anxious for more from Miller.

5.0 out of 5 stars An important book for everyone who loves stories to read

By Ann on January 6, 2018

This action-packed book will make you laugh and cry, it will make you happy and break your heart, but you will not be able to put it down! Be sure to have the follow-up, Slave Tracks on hand before you finish reading the Redemption Wall, as you will not be able to wait to dig into Marcus’s next book!

5.0 out of 5 stars It did not feel like I was reading a story but rather being told …

By nkedBookDragon on December 2, 2017

This book practically fell into my lap. I wasn’t looking for it. I wasn’t trying to find it. It found me. It did not feel like I was reading a story but rather being told a story in person. From the very beginning, I was pulled into the life of the main character. He was extremely relatable and my heart went out to him. It was interesting to see how the characters evolved as the story progressed.

This book was captivating and very well written. It was so raw. So pure. It was so real at times that I was overcome with emotion. There were moments that I wanted to reach inside and hug the main character. Not many books cause those emotions in me.

I am rating this book Five Stars because it was devastatingly beautiful in a way that changes the reader forever. I look forward to reading future books by this author. He is definitely one to watch.

5.0 out of 5 stars Awesome book!

By Nerdgirlbookreview on December 9, 2017

I read The Redemption Wall rather quickly. For a few reasons.

First – I was amazed to discover that it takes place really close to where I call “home” – though I guess after nearly 20 years, Florida is home now. The Redemption Wall takes place in Oregon, in so many places I’ve personally been. And as the protagonist progresses, and finds himself fleeing, he ends up going through my old hometown in Northern California. A lot of times in my quest for a new book, I’ll read something if it’s local to me. As a reader, it’s cool to read something that takes place somewhere you are familiar with and I was familiar with so many places in The Redemption Wall.

Second… I like reading about people. On websites, the little “about us” is the first tab I go to. This book feels like you are reading about the characters within, as real people… if that makes sense. The best kind of the first-person story is the type that tells you of someone’s life. Not as they are now, and how they are progressing through their journey, but of them looking back. This is that book.

What a great coming of age adventure! I truly feel for the protagonist, Luke, and multiple times just thought- come to my house, you’ll be safe here. Young Luke goes through more in his youth life than most adults; his adversity is close to home because it is home. This is a book that is…. real. Unprocessed, no makeup, no frills or sugar coating. You feel genuinely sad, or angry, for the protagonist. You cheer him on and feel dread for him.

Great book! I’d recommend to everyone!

5.0 out of 5 stars Absolutely fell in love with this story!

By Shannon Cates on November 15, 2017

An exceptional story of a young man’s journey across the United States. While emotional and heartbreaking at times, this story captivated my heart. Skillfully written, I felt as if I was listening to him tell me his story while sitting around a campfire. The characters were amazingly real to me, some of them truly captured my soul. This very young man, after losing the ones who have protected him for so long, is forced to leave his abusive parents. He sets off to travel across the country on foot to meet up with what I view as his second family. His journey is a long one to go, though along the way he finds himself and while on the road he is forced to become a man. This book is filled with emotion, action, and love. I can’t wait to read the sequel to this book to find out where Luke’s next adventure takes him. I definitely recommend this book, I wish I could give it ten stars.

By JWM on March 3, 2018

A suspenseful and thoroughly enjoyable read. This would make a great movie! I am so looking forward to reading the sequel, Slave Tracks.

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Slave Tracks -Testimonials

5 stars A good read

By Joseph P on November 12, 2017

I enjoyed the familiar streets that I visited on vacation. The story moved smoothly and kept my interest. It also has me researching a few things about the Bermuda Triangle and has me questioning what I thought I knew about modern slavery. I enjoyed it!

…..and when I finished it I felt bereft of my good friends from this action-packed story

By Ann January 16, 2018

In “Slave Tracks”, we meet up again with our beloved Luke from “The Redemption Wall” and follow his never-ending adventures through South Florida, the Caribbean and South America. This book kept me up late at night, as I could not put it down, and when I finished it I felt bereft of my good friends from this action-packed story. I certainly hope Luke’s adventures will continue in the third book!

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The Ghost Operator -Testimonials

The last time I binged on an author was Charles Dickens, and that was about 40 years ago, Marcus. You are in good company, I reckon. I had to make myself stop reading The Forgotten Man last night so that I would not finish it before The Ghost Operator came today.

You’ve turned me into a Marcus Miller junkie, and I will be needing my next fix!

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Call Sign Stiletto -Testimonials


From Carol Schlaker. Just finished Call Sign Stiletto…I  hope you do a series on stiletto .he gets it! and gets the job done ..I watched for yrs while the FBI and Nsa danced around terrorist till they had a “solid” case.. just go in and kill the guys !!!!.we need MORE LONE WOLVES. I am still digesting the book ..will def do a book review ..couldn’t put it down. Good show Marcus! Just an outstanding read. couldn’t put it down. jihadist’s coming to America thru Central America aiming for sanctuary cities like Chicago… easy , exciting read! You will never forget this book!