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The Ghost Operator (The Forgotten Man series- Book 2)

A massive truck bomb has exploded in central London, the largest non-nuclear detonation ever recorded, designed by an unknown terrorist bomb maker, it has destroyed and laid waste to a quarter square mile area, leaving nothing but death and destruction in its wake. The world now is alerted to the realization that radicals terrorists have harnessed the power to bring the western world to its knees and subjugate them to the prophesied caliphate, and have been put on notice, that more bombings are coming.


Gulfstream G-650 ER

By special request of the British government and worldwide intelligence services, Steve Rawlings is sent for, with his unique skills in human tracking, he is cut loose to use his deadly talents to do whatever is necessary to find and stop the explosive genius before another city is annihilated.


RAF Griffin

This could be his biggest mission ever, as he and his talented team track the elusive bomber across two continents in a chase that, if they should fail, could mean the end of freedom for the western world, forever!