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Call Sign Stiletto (The Forgotten Man -Book 3)

An American professor with high-level contacts in the government has been kidnapped in Central America by the savage MS-13 gang, and Steve Rawlings, kidnap resolution specialist and terrorist hunter is sent to find him, only to discover the barbaric gang has formed an alliance with Middle East terrorists bent on the destruction of the western world.

Antonov An-2

Antonov An-2 

An-edge-of-your-seat thriller as Steve faces off against the vicious and blood-thirsty, tattooed MS-13 gangs in El Salvador, and battle-hardened ISIS fighters from Syria that are infiltrating into Mexico, with both groups objective to reach the assumed protection of the sanctuary cities of North America with weapons of mass destruction. Forced to battle his way out of Central America, but facing every criminal element imaginable through lawless Mexico, Steve joins forces with an unlikely band, consisting of Cuban drug smuggler, a famous Mexican journalist hiding from the drug cartels, and a Mossad hunter/killer team, racing the clock in an attempt to stop the ruthless faction from crossing the border and entering the safe confines of America’s proclaimed sanctuary cities. A fast paced, action packed story as you follow the plight of the migrate north through Latin America into the U.S.

Picacho Canyon- The Picacho Mountains

Narrow Canyon in a Desert Escarpment



Mexico Border-The Rio Grande RiverSanta Elena Canyon, Big Bend NP, Texas and Mexico border


Guatemala HighlandsCall Sign Stiletto_Book cover2

St Catarina arc and volcano Antigua Guatemala

St Catarina arc and volcano Antigua Guatemala

Rio Grande1 (2)

Texas/Mexico border at the Rio Grande River

Rio Grande River and Santa Elena Canyon at Big Bend National Park

Rio Grande river flows through Santa Elena Canyon at Big Bend National Park