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The Plague of Human Trafficking

There are no places on this planet—no country, no city or state, that are immune from the plague of human trafficking. It exists everywhere. Humankind, in its evilest form, has, since the beginning of time, found a way to take advantage of the weak.

Migrant women and children searching for a new homeland are targeted and easily abducted. Young women and girls seeking excitement or running from an abusive family or relationship are targeted, enticed by slick words and trickery, or forcibly kidnapped; it happens thousands of times a day in America alone.

Every year over a million women and children disappear in the U.S., and most are never found or reunited with their families.

I experienced the horror of being kidnapped and sold onto a work farm in 1967 when I was only eleven years old. I was fortunate inasmuch as I found my freedom and was able to save the other fifteen children held captive with me on the work farm in Kansas. But most victims of human trafficking aren’t that lucky.

It was a life-changing experience for me—redirecting the course of my life completely. A few years later, I would undergo training by an elite group of military and intelligence professionals to rescue kidnap victims and then spend the next twenty-two years working as a kidnap resolution specialist saving the lives of hundreds of kidnap and human trafficking victims.

Now I get to write about my experiences and detail the stories of those victims I was able to save. Years later, I can still remember seeing the look displayed in the eyes of the women and children. No one is ever prepared for the abuse—physically and mentally that victims of human trafficking endure as they become a commodity. My wish is that those who read my books will gain a better understanding into the lives of victims, as well as learning from the mistakes that caused them to be targeted and abducted in the first place.

You can find my books here.